Call for Contributors!

by Ashe Vagabond of the Vagabond Express

Are there writing vagabonds out there with a story to tell or advice to share?

Vagabond Express is just a baby now.

But from this little seed, a community can be born. Let this be a platform for expression and sharing!

Please contact me if you’d be interested in contributing your own story or something else related to travel.

Beautiful things are built together.


One Comment to “Call for Contributors!”

  1. submission by Mr. H

    Plain like these clothes. You and I.
    No more. No home. None the less. More so,
    But when we fall!
    Oh the glory — the vanity!
    Cheers flow. Crowds crawl. Babies brawl!
    Insanity — Pornography – Make war!
    — watching us fall.
    At the edge of one day,
    we will go back, and vanish no more
    but where?
    — Robert!
    Maybe not willingly.
    Sad. Broken. Nevertheless.
    In tears. In plain. And perhaps,
    in Vain?
    Vagabond, you and I
    We will find
    -a- home
    one day.

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