Vagabond Breeds

by Ashe Vagabond of the Vagabond Express

Over the next few days, I will dedicate posts to types of Vagabonds. I am not trying to put our kind into boxes and label us, but rather to show what a range of lifestyles can be imbued into the character of a person who loves to travel. This is mostly for fun. I am excited about the idea of looking at vagabonds through a range of potential meanings, rather than assuming that we are all the same. Definitely, we’re not. In my own travels, I have met so many other travelers. I noticed that often we shared a love of the road, but there are ways in which I came to understand differences in orientation from one vagabond to the next. There are trends…

Well, I’ll try here. Please give me your feedback and maybe I can adjust my views based on what others think regarding this.

So far, I have made a list. It looks like this:

Transient: The Clan Type

Thoreau: The Lover of Solitude

Nomad: Born for the Open Road


Entrepreneur: The Money Makers

Frequent Flyer: Top Secret Vagabonds

The Backpacker

Gypsy: The Traveling Artisan

Messengers: Vagabonds with Missions


Tomorrow I will start with the Transient and go from there.


What do YOU think about all this.....?

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