This is what the open road sounds like…

by Ashe Vagabond of the Vagabond Express

The first time you break free, all that pent up anticipation, not knowing what “free as a bird” will really feel like, your toes tingling…your heart racing. You head to the train station, the airport, the bus stop, the designated car, or your feet. You’ve already said “farewell” to all those you knew for so long who will watch you leave, because they are all so darn content with staying right where they are.

But you can’t.

You need to go, move, break free, explore, see the world.

You versus the conditions–versus circumstance and change and a possible major accident and discovery and getting lost. You versus potential failure and ending up with some weird disease or hungry and stranded. You versus your own ignorance.

Goodbye, you say to them all. And you go.

That first moment when it’s all behind you, the last string is snapped, and nothing more binds you.

What is that feeling?

It sounds a little like this:


2 Comments to “This is what the open road sounds like…”

  1. Hi Ashe
    Can I join your vagabond club….? [:)]
    I don’t have a permanent address and whenever I call my mother she starts the conversations with “So, where are you now?” People are confused by my way of life and can’t keep up.
    I am fifty two years old and a few years ago I was a regular working mother and middle level manager. Now I am a wandered, explorer, adventurer and vagabond. I house sit for a living like Teresa Roberts does only I am in Australia. I am usually around Brisbane but I plan to go further afield this year.
    Thanks for the post. I look forward to reading more.

    • Hi Nikki,

      Of course you can join! I started a few months ago, took a “breaking up with psychotic boyfriend” break, and now I am back on it.

      People are confused by your way of life? Then you are definitely a vagabond 😉 Where others raise eyebrows at you, a fellow vagabond tips a hat. I think your lifestyle change is AMAZING. It takes a HUGE leap of faith and a keen connection to our true essence to do what you did. I think you might even be the coolest vagabond I have met yet, because by your age (don’t take that wrong) people tend to stop thinking they can still make major life transformation (except for the male mid-life crisis that involves a Corvette).

      I did a similar thing to you. I was married with two cars and a mortgage. No kids. But I did essentially the same thing. One day, I just said to him, “You can keep all this stuff. I don’t want any stuff.” And slowly I made my way down to nothing but a carry-on bag.

      Shoot, I’m writing you a novel. Well, nice to see a true vagabond make her way in here. I hope you’ll hit the “like” or “share” button if you’re connected to Facebook to help reach some others of our kind.

      I’m looking at software to create a little community in here, almost like a mini-facebook, but for vagabonds only where we can all sit around a virtual campfire and chat and share, etc.

      Oh, here I am with the novel again. I’ll stop here.

      Take care!

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